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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

Cynthia went back to the class and by now the seniors have left their class, she walked inside the class and sat down on her chair when her friend came over and sat beside her.

Grace: so babe whatsupp?

Cynthia: Nothing oo

Grace: Where them carry you go?

Cynthia: Is a long story dear

Grace: Gist me joor

Cynthia: That will be during break time

Grace: Ok ooTeacher came into their class and there started learning before the break bell was rang and they all went outside for their breakCynthia and Grace remained in the class and Cynthia told Grace everything that happened to her, Grace started laughing

Cynthia: Why are you laughing?

Grace: Wait oo, since you are in this school you are not aware that lesbian exist?

Cynthia: I only thought it was rumours oo

Grace: You have seen it nah.

There were still discussing when the Labour perfect came in with some girls.

Labour: Hey you get out right now (she said referring to Grace) Grace stood up and went out immediately.

The Labour went over to Cynthia and placed her two hands on her desk

Labour: You ran away from me

Cynthia: I dont want please

Labour: Am only giving you 2 days to agree if not, you will find it hard

Senior1: Very hard

Senior2: And if you tell anybody, we will deal with you

Senior3: Personally

Labour: Girls lets go they all went out from the class and Cynthia became frightened Grace walked inside and met Cynthia very lost in thought, she quietly sat down beside her without saying anything

****2 Days Later

Stephen: O boy today go bam oo

Ambrose: How nah?

Stephen: You no know say today na quiz and na for Ibiam girls them host am?

Caleb: Leave this guy na jouncing guy nah

Ambrose: E don do Abeg, person no fit ask una question again

Stephen: So una the go also?

Caleb: Me the go joor

Ambrose: Same here, but wait oo, wetin we go the do there since we aren’t participating in the quiz?

Caleb: Guy your own too much oo, so if we go in the name of cheering our school up is a bad thing?

Stephen: Guy you even the waste time the explain all this things to him, a beg go prepare make we the go.

Both of them stood up and started preparing since there are in a boarding school which is Government College

They got out from the hostel and head straight to the gate but the buses that the school provided is already filled up so there now stopped a bike and it took off with them.

Cynthia was still not bright that day so she resorted in staying back at the hostel not to attend the quiz but her form teacher came in.

Mrs Juliet: Cynthia aren’t you coming out for the quiz?

Cynthia: Yes ma

Mrs Juliet: nd why?

Cynthia: Nothing ma

Mrs Juliet: I just came to tell you that you will be participating in the quiz

Cynthia: But how ma? I did not do any preparation for the quiz and no one told me that i will be participating and more over i thought you people said is the SS2 students that can participate and am in SS1 ma

Mrs Juliet: I know all this, just do this for me, i trust you to be a sharp girl, this is just the topic of the quiz just summarize it (she said passing over a piece of paper to her) I know you can do this and make our school proud

Cynthia: Ok ma (she took the paper from her)

Mrs Juliet: The Quiz starts in few minutes, when you hear that you guys are about to be called up to the stage then you can rush down

Cynthia: Ok ma

Mrs Juliet left the room while Cynthia got up and dressed in her school uniform and started studying the topic given to her.

*****The speaker called upon the participant of the quiz up to the stage and by now Cynthia has joined them.

Cynthia looked at her seniors that will be participating on the quiz and swallowed hard out of fear.

The quiz kicked off and The SP of the schools started battling each other first and Cynthia was the one providing all the answered that her team are using.

Cynthia looked at the crowd infront of them and and saw the Labour Prefect licking her tongue seductively.

Cynthia felt disgusting and threw away her attention from her and the SP now asked her to conclude the Quiz for them since she’s not feeling too well

Cynthia got up with all boldness and started addressing the crowd on behave of the SP.

Stephen and Caleb mouth dropped when they saw Cynthia addressing them.

Ambrose: Guys make una close una mouth nah, una the disgrace me abeg

Caleb: Chimooo see beauty

Stephen: If I no date this girl, wetin I gain?

Caleb: You no gain anything my brother

Ambrose: Chai, na today i no say i get friends i swear

Stephen: Chai, i must meet her oo

The quiz ended and the Ibiam Girls got first position

Cynthia and others were been celebrated by the teachers and students.

After the celebration, Cynthia was about to go back to her hostel when Stephen blocked her way.

Caleb and Ambrose were just sitting at one corner.

To Be Continued


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