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So I just discovered a really good app for those of us who shop online especially on Instagram but are faced with the issues of trust because some sellers request for payment before delivery which has led to bad experiences for some of us.

The name of the app is called Buy Safe, and it is a safe platform that can act as a middle man between the seller and the buyer

So here is how it works. As a seller you link your product to the app, and there, you get access to different payment integrations, Whatsapp notifications, for every new order and you can also keep track of your sales plus other benefits.

Now as a buyer, all you have to do is share the item you want to buy on buy safe, and you'd get access to different product options like this, you can also use different payment options and even get your money back when the seller fails to deliver.

I'd like to know what you guys think about the app. And yeah you can download it on both the play store and the app store, just search for Buy Safe.


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