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Many musicians are not awarded record deals because their careers are built based on myths about the music industry. Don't make the same mistakes. Explore the music business and focus on creating the personal value it can bring to music labels.

Well, I've highlighted three mistakes most upcoming music stars make that deprive them of their right to a record deal. Jump on it below and make good use of this piece and not make the same mistake.

1. Focus On Musical And Composition Skills

It's a mistake to spend all your time practising your music skills and writing songs if you want to advance your music career. These things are essential, but record companies are looking for real business value from their musicians. You can find excellent musicians everywhere ... they want someone who has it all: musical skills, entrepreneurship, and other skills beyond general artistic skills.

Spend some time each week to learn more about how the music industry works. Find a mentor who shows you what you need to work on to become a valuable resource for any music label.

2. Your Way Of Thinking Is In Direct Conflict With The Goals Of Record Companies.

Many musicians believe that record companies want to "screw" (sorry for using that word) musicians and condemn capitalism, business, and money. Companies perceive this way of thinking from a distance and never work with such musicians. Successful musicians such as Davido understand that music is a business. They don't think there's anything wrong with making a living from music, and they're excited to work with others in the industry to keep everyone healthy. These musicians try to add value to others to regain value. Everyone wins at the end.

Focus on becoming a musician who gives a lot of value to other people in this field. Develop a win-win approach by ensuring that there is "something" for every company that wants to work with you. One way to provide value is to create an easy-to-contact list of fans. The higher the list, the greater the record labels perceive your value.

3. You Have Many Unknowns (Risk)

If the following things are unknown, you definitely pose a risk to any music company: their work ethic, their loyalty, their win/win thinking, a past record, or relationships with other people across the music industry. Record labels are reluctant to work with musicians if they don't have this information.


Find ways to demonstrate your value in these areas so that record labels understand the value of working with you.


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