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  • Warning, do not spam by posting a repetitive story or spam link.
  • You must NOT post job enquiries or sales or promotional offers via this page.
  • Other readers have the ability to report non-genuine story, which can result in you being banned from the site.
  • Your images must not exceed 2500 pixels both in height and width.
  • Contact Us for placing; Adverts, Press Release  and Sponsored Contents on GE9JA Blog.
  • For eye-witness stories, please support with pictures or screenshots and or videos or link to the video.
  • Please be calm when writing to pass the message in your story to other readers clearly
  • For proper modifications and revisions  of articles submitted, your posts might take up to 24hours in most cases to get published live. 

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Most frequent questions and answers

To get started in submitting your articles on GE9JA Blog, you must have a an account with us. Sign Up  for an account for free .

Currently, User’s are’t paid for posting on our platform but hopefully, March, 2019 we hope to integrate payment features for our writers.

Posts reviewed by the Team can no longer be edited. Ensure to make all modifications while still pending.

For writing for us, below are few advantages you get:- 

  • Recognition 
  • Do-Follow Back-Link

Currently, you don’t have to pay to become and eligible member to write for us or submit your articles or contents. But would have to upgrade by March, 2019 to be eligible for payments for writing.

All contents in violation to Google Adsense policy aren’t allowed and wouldn’t be published on our platform.

There are currently no limits to the number(s) of post’s a user can submit daily but note, not all submitted contents might be published after revisions.

Approved publications remains live on our platform in as much the blog remains active.

For assistance, inquiries and requests please contact any of the site Administrator Here or use the Contact Form Here.


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